2019 Sessions

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Energy Efficiency Policy: How It Happens, Why It’s Important

TAGS: Cities, Resilience

By popular demand, this session will feature an overview of how energy efficiency policy is made in the Southeast, with an emphasis on regulated utilities. SEEA will share its newly released series of State Guides to Utility Energy Efficiency Planning and participants will also learn about 2019’s major policy highlights, as featured in SEEA’s Quarterly Highlights. Additional policy insights will be discussed in a panel conversation around the role and importance of policy to the energy efficiency sector.


The State of the Southeast: Understanding Utility EV Policy

TAGS: Equity, Built Environment

Join us for a dynamic session in which we discuss the current and future states of utility policy around electric vehicles. What are the different utility approaches in play, and how are they playing out? What are the opportunities for engagement and participation? What are some of the hopeful outcomes and challenging issues ahead? The world of transportation is moving fast! Join us to learn where it’s going.


Big to Small: Electrification for All

TAGS: Equity, Rural, Health

Big potential cost savings and GHG reductions are one possible outcome of electrifying the fleets of this region’s businesses. From delivery trucks to utility trucks, garbage trucks to buses, taxis and transportation network companies, what’s going on? And, how do we make clean and equitable transportation options available to everyone? Join us to explore how transportation electrification can benefit all communities.


The Never-Empty Nest: Everything there is to Know about Home Automation

TAGS: Built Environment

Ever been stumped by someone asking your advice on home energy technologies? We get it, and so this session will explain the building blocks of a “smart home” and how various devices can and should interact with one another, with you, and with your power consumption profile and utility. We’ll also hear from utilities about the first smart house neighborhoods – both performance and predictions.


Drive Farther, Charge Faster

TAGS: Cities, Equity, Built Environment

In this series of visual presentations, participants will learn about progress that has been made in the development and roll out of the region’s EV charging infrastructure, funding sources, and plans to mainstream the electric vehicle revolution.


Enhancing Diversity by Creating Cultural Competency

TAGS: Diversity & Inclusion, Equity, Cities

Cultural competence is the ability to understand, communicate with and effectively interact with people across different cultures. In this table conversation which will focus on workplace equity, workforce development, and engaging a base of diverse customers, participants will learn new tools and ways to further their own cultural competencies in order to create more inclusive experiences for their teams and customers.


On-Bill for Tech and Resilience

TAGS: Built Environment, Resilience, Equity, Health

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An Introduction to Cybersecurity for Energy Geeks

As a dazzling array of new technologies enter the world we live in at warp-speed, the question of security raises concerns at the individual, organizational and infrastructure levels. In this session, we will examine critical new technologies from 5G to LTE, Google to Alexa, and learn about the work that utilities, regulators, and tech companies are doing to prevent serious security threats.


The 2019 Energy Efficiency Policy Survey

TAGS: Equity, Resilience

For the third year in a row, SEEA will present the results of its annual Southeast Energy Efficiency Policy Survey. This year, the session will include interactive elements that allow participants to ask questions and share their own policy priorities in real time. A panel of the region’s top policy makers will also provide their perspectives on the survey results and session discussions.


Behind the Curtain: All about Grid Connectivity

TAGS: Rural

Homes, cars, people, infrastructure, and more! Everyone and everything is getting connected. But what does this evolving world of interconnected IoT solutions mean for our power grid infrastructure, and for the evolving energy and transportation sectors? In this session, we will explore the grid implications of wide-scale connectivity–from security to capacity, priority to distributed energy resources.


An Overlooked Competitive Advantage: The Diverse Supplier Network

TAGS: Diversity & Inclusion, Equity

Supplier diversity is a best practice for all organizations and can create a unique competitive advantage. In this session, participants will learn about the organizational benefits of a diverse supplier network which can help promote innovation, provide multiple procurement channels, enhance competition and drive prices down. Join us to learn how supplier diversity can address your organization’s needs and help spur economic growth within your community.


Speed Data-ing: Access = Insights

Data applications, especially in the energy sector, are potentially limitless. In this session, participants will explore with our panel the reasons energy data access matters and how it’s being collected, synthesized and put to use by utilities and other organizations. Join us to find out what energy data can and should help us to do, and how we can and should address its limitations.


Kendeda Living Building Tour

Join us on the Georgia Tech campus to visit the Kendeda Living Building, the most environmentally advanced education and research building ever constructed in the Southeast. Built to support education, research and outreach opportunities, this light-filled building is 66 percent more energy efficient than an average building of the same size and occupancy and includes a 50,000 water cistern, a rooftop apiary, plus a pollinator garden.


On-bill Implementers Meeting

This session will provide a space for implementers of on-bill financing programs to connect, share best practices, and discuss strategies to expand successful program models for the region. This three-hour convening, to be held at the Kendeda Living Building following the building tour, will include a dedicated work session for on-bill professionals to discuss developments in the field, explore opportunities for collaboration, and strategize about expanding access to inclusive financing in 2020.


High-Performance Buildings in the Southeast

What is the state of high-performances buildings in the Southeast? This panel discussion will offer a high-level overview of how builders in the Southeast are pushing forward to create high-performance building stock that goes beyond code, ranging from Georgia Tech’s Kendeda Building to new single-family homes throughout the region. This panel will showcase a range of voices – including builders, managers/operators, architects, and product manufacturers – who will speak to both the challenges and opportunities in building beyond the code and adopting high-efficiency strategies to create cutting-edge buildings in the Southeast.


ACEEE: Cities and Equity

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