A Primer on Combined Heat and Power
Thursday, October 13th from 2:00 p.m. – 3:00 p.m. EDT

Interested in combined heat and power and its potential in the Southeast? Planning to attend the SEEA & AESP SE Conference on October 25th and 26th but feeling a little rusty on your CHP concepts? Then here’s a pre-conference opportunity you won’t want to miss! This complimentary webinar, to be jointly hosted by SEEA, ACEEE and ICF, will provide you with an overview and a refresher on CHP, and help you brush up on the difference between topping and bottom cycles, and more, in advance of the conference. Then join us, prepped and ready, for our CHP conference session “Utility-Owned CHP: The (healthy!) Gateway Drug to Distributed Energy Resources,” which is scheduled for Wednesday morning, October 26th.

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A Low-Income Empowerment Workshop:
Identifying Opportunities and Addressing Barriers from Concept to Pilot

This two-and-a-half-hour pre-conference workshop is designed for professionals who represent the various stakeholder groups needed to transform a low income program concept into a program pilot. For each of the four stages of such a transformation, including design, engagement, funding and implementation, we will participate in a series of interactive and collaborative discussions.  The aim of these exercises is to reach practical, actionable solutions for a ready-to-implement plan that moves a program framework to the pilot stage. Participants will begin with a program concept, opportunities and barriers, and will work together to develop innovative ways to leverage opportunities and address barriers. All participants will have a chance to participate in discussions around each of the four program stages.

This pre-conference workshop is is suited to the needs of IOU and co-op utility professionals, state energy and environmental office representatives, regulatory professionals, low income advocates and energy efficiency experts.

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Utility Pitching Workshop

Interested in honing your pitching skills? Hoping for a chance to participate in EE Jeopardy, or in The EE Dating Game and win a date with a utility? Then come and polish your pitch at this collaborative skills development workshop! We’ll focus on crafting your best possible introduction to your organization’s offerings; practice effective answers to questions about your product or service; and create audience interest in learning more about how you can help our southeastern utilities advance energy efficiency throughout the region.

To be taught by Milepost Consulting’s Sabrina Cowden, this session will be fun and interactive, and you’ll come away with new skills and approaches to effectively pitch your product or service. Plus, selected participants from this workshop will be invited to join us in the main auditorium on Wednesday afternoon to serve as “contestants” during the conference’s closing session, The EE Dating Game!

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Your Residential Energy Efficiency Program Has Died of Dysentery: An eScore Simulation and Ode to the Oregon/Appalachian Trail

When the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) teamed up with program administrator CLEAResult, market researchers Tradewind Group, software firm Energy Datametrics and utility program design experts Milepost Consulting, they hoped to create a residential energy efficiency program that put the homeowner first. The result was “eScore” – a customer-centric, technology-enhanced program that enables customers to participate over time, at their own pace, to make their homes as energy efficient as possible. Nearly two years later, eScore has achieved immense success, winning rave reviews from homeowners, contractors, energy advisors and local power companies thanks to its streamlined, paperless process that allows each homeowner to follow a personalized path to energy efficiency.

Join program design team members for this fun, interactive simulation that pays homage to childhood favorite computer game, Oregon Trail (updated to the Appalachian trail for the purposes of this session!). We’ll travel our own energy efficiency journeys, taking the time to reflect on the features that differentiate a successful program from an arduous, exhausting chore that leaves homeowners (and their oxen) ready to give up.

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Slaying the Retrofit Deal Killers

Barriers to energy efficiency exist at the consumer level, the utility level, and at scale. This unique session features three speakers who have each taken on a different aspect of the problem in order to remove barriers for consumers, contractors and utilities. We’ll consider the nature of these barriers and learn about some surprisingly effective fixes from a recent body of consumer research. We’ll also get a co-op’s perspective on successful utility approaches to overcoming consumer barriers, and the hurdles most utilities have to address in order to ensure good uptake of retrofit programs. Finally, we’ll learn how state agencies and statewide organizations can collaborate to help all of our utilities bring energy efficiency programs to scale.

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Retrofitting Communities in Need:
The Knoxville Extreme Energy Makeover

Join representatives from VEIC and the Knoxville Extreme Energy Makeover (KEEM) project to discuss what it takes to successfully deliver energy efficiency projects to low-income consumers. The session will start with a national perspective, including best practices and innovative strategies. It will then move to a panel discussion with members of KEEM who will share their unique perspectives on successfully designing and delivering a lower-income deep energy retrofit program in Knoxville, Tennessee. Our topics will range from community outreach and participant education efforts, to contractor management, best practices and intergovernmental collaboration.

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The Internet of Things: The Ultimate Big Data Opportunity

Join us to learn about the consumer, commercial and industrial opportunities offered by the Internet of Things, an emerging, service-based industry that analysts project to be worth ~$300B by 2020. Distinguishing hype from reality, we’ll learn where the real and significant potential for energy efficiency savings lies, and we’ll explore the more interesting and lesser known aspects of IoT. Then, we’ll hear from three companies that are harnessing the power of the Internet across their supply chains, using RFID and enhanced environmental requirements, to improve performance and optimize their use of energy. Analytics never looked so good!

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Meat and Three-conomics:
Strategies to Increase Farm Energy Security Across the Southeast

Agriculture is the backbone of our regional economy, producing more than $100 billion in commodities annually. Energy is critical to this sector, from the growing and harvesting of crops to the raising and processing of livestock. Direct energy use accounts for 5 to 7 percent of farm expenditures while indirect energy accounts for an additional 9 to 10 percent of expenditures. Because small farms operate on profit margins of less than 10 percent, efficiency measures that reduce their energy costs can have a real impact on the viability of these farms, especially in the face of energy price fluctuations. This session will examine the current state of farm energy management in Southeast, and will highlight current efforts to support and advance energy efficiency measures on our small and mid-sized farms.

Energy Efficiency at Work: Non-Energy Benefits Rock!

This panel of expert speakers will delve into the unexpected and positive results that come from implementing energy efficiency measures. Learn about the spectrum of non-energy benefits that are possible, how various measures help activate them, and the unanticipated and surprising impacts they can have. From increased sales and happier customers to enhanced safety and improved public health, energy efficiency truly rocks!

Energy Efficiency Jeopardy! The Southeast Edition

Jeopardy is one of television’s most enduring game shows, but just wait til you see this episode! Coming direct to you from the main conference stage, EE Jeopardy: The Southeast Edition is all about energy efficiency and the Southeast. With our as yet un-mustachioed facsimile of host Alex Trebek, we’ll explore answers to the important cultural, business and historical nuances of advancing energy efficiency in the Southeast. And don’t forget to phrase your response in the form of a question! There’ll be prizes, surprises, and some great new opportunities to learn about energy efficiency in the region!

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Crystal Ball Gazing: Taking a Glimpse into our Energy Future

We all understand the world is changing, and so too is energy efficiency, demand response, the current grid, our customers and just about everything else! This session will offer an opportunity for us to think about some of the many shifts underway, and what they mean for utilities, vendors, policy makers, electricity customers and even regional energy efficiency organizations. We’ll hear from three smart energy advisors who’ll offer their insights into the opportunities that lie in the future for today’s residential, commercial and industrial energy efficiency customers.

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How Energy Efficiency Matters in our Low Income Communities

The region’s interest in leveraging energy efficiency to help address the challenges our low income families face has grown significantly in recent years. In this session, we’ll hear from three engaging experts from across the region who will lead us to a better understanding of how low income energy efficiency programs are performing, and what additional opportunities exist to enhance their impacts. Our speakers will present the legislative and policy perspective; an overview of effective program design, customer engagement and customer service; and challenges to program design and adoption.

Try Millennials:
The Anti-Aging Cream Every Organization Needs

Today, Millennials make up more than one in three adult Americans, and by 2025, they will comprise as much as 75 percent of the U.S. workforce. What is your company doing to attract, engage and maintain Millennial employees? It may be easiest to make this an HR problem, but Millennials are worth everyone’s attention and interest. They represent one of the most significant opportunities on the horizon for legacy organizations, and they hold the key to transforming our businesses to improve their relevancy, longevity, and financial well-being.

Join us for this interactive presentation and Q&A session that will include insights informed by proprietary research and interviews conducted with Millennials currently employed by utilities and energy service organizations around the country.

Coal Fossil Fuel Power Plant Smokestacks Emit Carbon Dioxide Pollution
Utility-Owned CHP: The (healthy!) Gateway Drug to Distributed Energy Resources

Combined heat and power (CHP) is the most energy-efficient method of generating power and investments in CHP to bring cleaner, cheaper, and more quickly deployable energy resources to all customers in the utility system. In this session, our speakers will discuss real-world examples of investments in CHP, and the specific system-wide benefits each installation provides to all users of the electric grid. Audience members will be invited to break into small speaker-led groups that will consider a different benefit, explore how that benefit is valued, and discuss strategies for integrating CHP into resource planning in the Southeast.

The Energy Efficiency Dating Game!

Are you an eligible Southeastern utility searching for a good-looking partner to give you the energy efficiency programs you’ve always wanted? Are you a company that wants to share your “program love” with the utility of your dreams? Join us for an energy efficiency version of the Dating Game, starring our good-looking southeastern utilities who will strive to identify their perfect “date” from among our attractive energy efficiency contestants.